the Tweet troup at Revealing the ArtsYou can learn more about the background behind the strategy by reading the research paper. This outlines four strands which interconnect at the heart of artistic practice; AudiencesDomainsIncomes and Support.

From this, we have identified two pilot schemes, experimenting with new models of on-the-ground support (Geek in Residence) and new commissions (Digital Culture Fund).

The Geek in Residence pilot program connects ‘geeks’ (by which we mean technically confident artists and creatively confident technicians) with arts organisations through a temporary subsidised secondment scheme. The purpose of this fund is to enable digital artists and technicians to share their skills and experiences with arts workers. Geeks will be able to share their passion for solving unknown technological problems in creative situations, and arts workers will feel better equipped to work in digital spaces. Both will ultimately initiate ‘digital innovation’.

The Digital Culture Fund is a pilot initiative for people who have been working creatively with digital technologies for some time. They might be experienced artists already within the community, already supported by one of our divisions. But we also want to open up to a new breed of practitioner, the digital native who might not typically consider themselves artists.

The purpose of this fund is to support the creation of innovative digital artwork which might happen physically in front of the crowd or be experienced through a technological platform. Either way, we want it to happen live, having been created as a live collaboration, or to be experienced as a live event connecting the maker(s) and crowd(s).

UPDATE: A second call for the Digital Culture Fund opened Thursday 12 August 2010. We are currently discussing a second round of the Geek in Residence Program. Find out about the successful teamshere; help us create an ongoing legacy here and sign up for further updates to a potential second round here.

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